We offer great teambuilding activities and entertainment in our shooting gallery! We have certified instructors and great guns arsenal starting from pistols and ending with sniper rifles! We can make shooting competitions and practical shooting skill training with different weapons! We have great experience to make a great party for your company!


First stop where new Husband or Wife will be tested is of course a shooting range! Only here you will be able to see if it is worth to argue with partner.
We can "kidnap" new wife or husband and take them to the shooting range (limousine transportation possible). Person will have to buy freedom with precise shooting. It will be a lot of fun for sure!


We offer leisure activities for teenagers and young adults, with the use of pneumatic weapons. We will train youngsters to deal with pneumatic weapons, participate in simulated hostage release operations. We will organize competitions with physical activities and interesting tasks.
Certified instructors will explain firearms structure, modifications and practical basics of usage.

Age restrictions: Activities with pneumatic weapons are for children from 9 years of age, the use of firearms from the age of 16.